Visit Cambodian jewellery shop in Phnom Penh, D.Hindley

 Question: Why do I write about jewellery shop?
Image by Soksovan

            Because I think it can be a recommendable place for you to visit in Cambodia. I went to visit that D.Hindley shop last weekend because it is located not far from Cambodian Royal Palace. First I just wanted to have a look but I was fascinated by the beauty of the jewellery. There are a lot of rings, necklaces, earrings and more which are originally design from the natural gemstones, quality golds and silver jewellery. 

More than the look and feel of jewellery and the decoration of the shop, there was a friendly man, to be honest he taught to the deeper knowledge about jewellery. I think he is quite expert into jewellery. Thanks to him for the explanation! 

It also comes up with some ideas that I love about that shop. 
  • First thing I noticed was the price. It's not that expensive as you expected with the quality products.
  • Second, you can order them to design the way you like.
  • The last one is the idea that they travel around Cambodia to see where gems are found and they buy from family groups, that means they support those small communities.
 The visit may take 10 to 15 minutes or longer if you want to know deeper about jewellery.

At the end of my visit I came up with the idea to write about it, so I am writing about it. :D
And again this is kind of advertisement but not really but because of the above ideas I decide to recommend this great place for you to visit. 
You can learn more from their website 
or scroll to the bottom and like their facebook page.
Note: I am allowed to use these pictures by their staff Mr SokSovan
Image by Soksovan

Image by Soksovan

Image by Soksovan

Image by Soksovan

Image by Soksovan

Image by Soksovan
Image by Soksovan

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Posted by D.Hindley on Friday, November 6, 2015
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