Visit Banan Temple Battambang most popular destination

Name: Banan
Type: Religious and historical Temple/Mountain
Ticket: $2
Distance: around 25km from town
Vehicle recommendation: Bike, Tuk Tuk, Motor bike for the better sigh seeing

Driving under the blue clear sky, the sunny fresh morning brought me some fresh air which directly pushing me to go to Banan Mountain. Well it was not my first or second or third time to go there because obviously I never counted. It's one of my favorite locally homey tour destinations. Whenever I get stressed from study I always think of going south of the town. Among many mountains, Banan is one mountain that has ancient temples built on the peak too.

Around 25 km south of town, driving a long the way, taking fine breathe, it reminded of many songs about Battambang while seeing people traveling and doing their work as I kept moving. Some minutes later, I arrived with excitement and expectation of seeing beautiful view and feeling of relaxing environment. I parked my motor bike as where it needs to be and walking toward the mountain.

There are about 358 of stair steps to go to reach to mountain peak. I'd say it's quite challenging to me.

Did I enjoy visiting? Yes, absolutely.
view from Southeast side

Ticket center

Police at the front entrance

Bet Meas Cave sign

Religious, sacred temple

North side view

Way to the top

We can either park here or bring in.

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